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Spy Tapes: Zuma to face 783 corruption charges

Parliament discuss motion to impeach Zuma

By Bekithemba Ndebele The Pretoria High Court has ruled that the decision to drop charges on the spy tapes saga against President Jacob Zuma in 2009 was irrational. Hence, the decision to charge Zuma with 783 corruptions charges will be brought back to court. In 2009, the Nation Prosecuting authority (NPA) dropped charges against President…

LIVE: SA parliament debate motion to impeach Zuma

Parliament discuss motion to impeach Zuma

The Nation Assembly will be debating the motion to impeach President Jacob Zuma The decision for Zuma to step down follows strings on inconsistency, from the Finance Ministers recalling, up to the judgment by the Constitutional Court. The ConCourt found that the decision made by the National Assembly to exonerate President Jacob Zuma from the…