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Instead of answering the questions i am called a thief – Zuma

By Bekithemba Ndebele President Jacob Zuma expressed his concern speaking to the House about how he’s been treated. Addressing the House, President Jacob Zuma said‚ “Instead of answering questions‚ I am called a criminal … a thief. This House has to do something.” The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) called out for Zuma not to be allowed to address the house….

EFF concerned about Herman Mashaba as Mayor

By Tebogo Mhlanga JOHANNESBURG- Democratic Alliance mayoral candidate, Herman Mashaba may be compromised as Johannesburg mayor following the concerns articulated by the EFF on Thursday.  EFF commander in chief, Julius Malema said Herman Mashaba detest his blackness. In an interview with Power FM, Malema lashed out that people voted for candidate Mashaba because the DA…

EFF rejects coalition but to vote for opposition parties

By Bekithemba Ndebele The Economic Freedom Fighters have announced their decision in regards  to the coalition that they will not form any coalition governments with any political party. Hence, the EFF has stated that they will vote for the Democratic Alliance (DA) and  IFP in KwaZulu-Natal against the African National Congress (ANC). The EFF said it will vote for…

“My relationship with Mokonyane is based on mother and son” – Nkabinde

  By Refiloe Phalane “My relationship with Mokonyane is based on mother and son” said Nkabinde. African National Congress youth league treasure general Reggie Nkabinde is certain that he used his own money to sign on his artists. This comes after Economic Freedom Fighter’s leader Juliua Malema claims that Nkabinde has a relationship with water…

ANC’s route to decline in key metros

By Gift Mkhonza JOHANNESBURG-  Now that the local municipal election ended and with the voting result being disclosed to the public, it is only fair that we look at the possible reasons why the African National Congress might have lost some on the municipals around the country. Since the end of apartheid era, the ANC,…

EFF may form coalition with DA, ANC the enemy

By Tebogo Mhlanga JOHANNESBURG- The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are dubbed as “coalition kingmakers” following the outcomes that divulged the Democratic Alliance (DA) and African National congress (ANC) failing to get an outright majority in the key metros and other councillors in South Africa. The EFF has made it crystal clear that it wont form…

LGA2016 | Thousand celebrate #DA win of Nelson Mandela Bay

By Bekithemba Ndebele Thousands of Democratic Alliance supporters celebrated this morning the victory in Nelson Mandela Bay metro with 100% votes counted and confirmed. In the Nelson Mandela Bay metro the DA claimed victory winning 46.65 percent of the votes and the ANC claimed 40.99 percent, while the EFF followed behind with 5.07 percent. Meanwhile, at a…

Breaking News | #LGA2016: DA wins the first ward anounced


By Bekithemba Ndebele The voting polls has been close at 19:00 around the country. The election counting are underway. As the results are slowly coming out. Democratic Alliance (DA) has come out leading the first ward in Great Kei in Easten Cape Ward 6 with 45.45%.  Hence they are 22 people who registered and voted….