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Naledi’s Spelling Bee Competition in Limpopo aims to encourage literacy in pupils

By Thabang Songo

Naledi Foundation hosted its first Spelling Bee competition in Senare Village, Limpopo. The event was held at Tshikondeni Primary School. It had eleven schools taking part in the competition, with learners from Grade 5 to Grade 10.

The learners were grouped according to their Grades, which led to three groups; Grade 5-7, Grade 7-8 and the last group was the Grade 9-10. The aim of this competition was to help develop the learner’s academic lives as well as to help improve their vocabulary.

The learners had activities to do in the morning to get them energized and in a good mood for the competition. The competition begun at 8:30 am and ended at 12:30 then there was a guest speaker Fathu Gavhi, a Nutritionist who spoke to the girls about Life Orientation and gave them some inspirational talk. Police warden from Makuya Village who also gave some lessons of life and how they should protect themselves.


Naledi Foundation also had a sanitary Pad drive, and it was a success as they have managed to give sanitary pads to more than 30 school girl’s sanitary pads.


Overall there were 10 Spelling Bee Champs, three from two groups and four from one group as there was a tie. The learners were given the certificates and there will another certificate ceremony at their respected schools.

Naledi Foundation is an impact arm of Green Waters Solutions. Naledi Foundation works in rural areas of Vhembe District in Limpopo. “We encourage the culture of reading through Spelling Bees, Book Clubs, Debates, Camps and Public Speaking.”

The event was deemed a success, learners enjoyed the Spelling Bee and the parents who managed to join also had a good time and they are happy that Naledi Foundation is helping in growing education in the rural areas.


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