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#OccupyLuthuliHouse peaceful demonstration underway

By:Makoma Phaladi

Johannesburg-When president Jacob Zuma’s vote of no confidence failed to have him removed from the presidency seat earlier this year not a lot of people were happy with the outcome of the votes, and now the time has come again when the president is asked to step down by some of its African National Congress members .

Last week the African National Congress Youth League disrupted a media briefing discussing the #OccupyLuthuliHouse campaign, a peaceful demonstration taking place at Luthuli House .The campaign is reported to go underway today at the ANC headquarters regardless of the fact that ANC Women’s League has their different opinions about this campaign calling it an “act of cowardice”.

Bonolo Ramokhele who is one of the organisers of the campaign told News 24 that the ANC is losing power, its losing society. Therefore they call upon members of society, members to please come and join them so that they correct these wrongs. The #OccupyLuthuliHouse is said to be led by former Wits SRC president and the leader of #FeesMustFall.

A list of what the group wants is as follows:

  • Immediate resignation of the president.
  • Immediate resignation of the whole ANC NEC
  • Formation of a task team comprising stalwarts to take the ANC to a consultative conference for renewal
  • Immediate implementation of free and quality education and the disbandment of the Fees Commission.

According to News 24 a small group of people have been seen to be marching towards the headquarters this morning wearing their ANC colours however the ruling party have said that they respect supporters ‘rights to protest.


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