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Movie | Neem My Skollie –Life inside Pollsmoor Prison

By Makoma Phaladi

Not everybody knows what life inside prison is like, let alone wanting to know about the sort of life inmates get exposed to while serving their sentence. Pollsmoor Prison situated in Cape Town is a maximum security prison holding some of the most dangerous criminals in South Africa.

A former inmate who used to call the prison his home has a chance to tell the whole of the country about life in the prison as well as living at the Cape Flats, where a majority of coloured and African people live known for its drugs,gangstersim as well as crime through his movie “NEEM MY SKOLLIE”.

According to ENCA the movie is set to be released in a few week’s time and the scriptwriter held a special screening of his movie to the inmates of Pollsmoor and cast members yesterday.

The movie goes on to tell the story of how four friends formed a gang as means of surviving at the Cape Flats in the late 1960’s.

The cast members of the movie include one of the inmates David the main character that is still serving his sentence and admitting to ENCA that he is a member of the 28 gang. Gang life at Pollsmoor is just one of the ways in which many of the inmates turn to.

The various gangs are said to be called “The Numbers” which are the 26s, 27s and the 28s gangs and they tattoo their ranks on their bodies as well as their faces so that even outside prison their status is known to everybody else.

The movie is said to be released at cinemas on the 2nd of September.


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