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“Will accept nothing but 0% increase in all universities in 2017”

By Refiloe Phalane

The south African union of students will on Monday begin mass meeting to pave a way forward on the students fees. The federation says it lost all patience with the government the “fees must fall ” movement.  they will accept nothing but 0% increase in all universities in 2017

News24 has reported that students leaders are threatening to shut down all universities across the country if the government does not implement a fee increase.

However higher education minister Blade Nzimande said on Sunday that he noted the threat and he pleaded with the students to be calm.

Nzimande was expected to make announcement on the fees adjustments on Friday but the briefing was cancelled

SAUS president Avela Mjajubana says they reject the fact that the commission is investigating the possibility of free education instead of how to realise free and quality education.

SAUS president Avela Mjajubana said the report back from the commission was delayed until May 2017 and this meant that thousands of students would have the doors of higher learning closed to them.

Mjajubana said the union also rejected the creation of two separate task teams or commissions, one investigating free education and the other the possibility of a 2017 fee increment.

“This is a clear waste of taxpayers’ money as well as time. The work of the commission on free education must inform the way forward for 2017.” Mjajubana was quoted saying by News24

He said they are aware of the possibility that the state is considering a 6-8% increase in university fees for the year 2017. The Council of Higher Education [CHE] has indicated that universities require approximately 8% income to function.


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