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#RIO | Wayde van Niekerk set new world record time with a win of Olympic Gold medal

By Bekithemba Ndebele 

The RIO Olympic Games has been surprised with the astonishing perfomance by Wayde van Niekerk’s new world record regestered in history.

The South African’s Wayde van Niekerk surprised the South Africans and the world as they wake up this morning by lifting the flag high with a new world record in the 400m run.

He won the Olympic crown in 43.03 seconds in a dominating gold medal performance at the Rio Olympic Games early this morning. Van Niekerk managed to set the new record of 15 hundredths of a second off the 400m record set by Michael Johnson in 1999.

Filled with excited Van Niekerk said after the race, “I would love to give you a long story but I’ve already said, “God is great. I let everything in his hands tonight. I need to see the race to believe it. I can’t even tell you what happened in the race. I was blind all the way.”

Expects are impressed with his performance. They added that his astonishing perfomance is impressive as he achieved to set a world record from Lane 8.

Commentating on the race for the BBC, Michael Johnson said early this morning that no runner has ever won a championship in the 400m from this lane.

Johnson the previous world record holder was impressed with Van Niekerk’s performance. He said reacting to his 17-year- old record being broken,“He is so young. This young man has done something truly special.”

Johnson added that he believes Van Niekerk will be the athlete who will one day break the 43-second barrier in the 800 meter.

Meanwhile, Van Niekerk has thanked South Africans for their support.


(Photo by Christiaan Kotze/SASPA)

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