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Phelps gains revenge over Le Clos

By Matabo Manala

American Swimming athlete, Michael Phelps had one above his rival Chad Le Clos, as he won his second gold medal in Day 5 of the Olympic Games in the Olympic Aquatic Centre, Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday morning (03:28 GMT +2). 

The record-breaker 21 Gold medallist made sure that he does not repeat the same mistakes that happen in London 2012 Olympic Games by losing the 24-year old Le Clos. Before the Rio Olympics had begun, Phelps had retired for a short period of time and decided to swimming for the last time at this year’s Olympic Games happening in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This had made him want to compete again at the Games and win back his title of winning gold in the swimming events he had lost to Le Clos and gain revenge against his counterpart.

Before the Butterfly semi-final swimming event, Chad Le Clos had somehow intimidated the legendary swimming athlete by throwing boxing jabs and dancing around in the direction of Phelps which angered him to succeed over his rival (Le Clos).


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