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Useless” and “expired” artists the ANC was wasting money on.

By Gift Mkhonza.
JOHANNESBURG- Following a statement by EFF’s leader, Julius Malema, Mabala Noise’s  Reggie Nkabinde is inviting representatives of the media to cover his comment.

On Friday (05 August) Julius Malema and the EFF leadership called on a press briefing held in Pretoria Showgrounds. On the brief Melama had put out a statement that The ANC funds the Mabala Noise who then funds its artists.

Mabala Noise had recently signed a list of prominent musicians in South Africa that includes Major Legue djs, Nasty C, Gigi Lamayne, Zola to mention a few.  Speculation on the streets are: how much is this deal worth?

Most recent, another Mabala artist, Ricky Rick, flashed his new Mercedes Benz on social space that had people on twitter vouching to Malema’s statement.

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