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Yet another political scandal

By: Tlotlego Kgosilentswe

South Africa was left speechless when a case of ‘free publicity’ versus political truth had arisen following the infamous Kenny Kunene’s Twitter post. Our South African shores are experiencing a continual political circus that has left the country divided.

On Thursday, 28 July, the ‘Sushi King’ Kenny Kunene became the face of controversy when he posted a picture of himself, along with artwork that depicted DA leader Mmusi Maimane naked (in clear shades of black), driving a cart with an equally naked Helen Zille and James Selfe- with the words ‘modern slavery’ hanging from the bottom.

 “I am now a proud owner of this master piece. Powerful story telling through art…Thanks to the fearless Artist…”

While some believed that this was a publicity stunt from Kunene, something to get him noticed, something to get powerful people talking about him- others had no problem applauding him and the artist for bravery and telling the truth.

The painting is dripping with controversy, leaving many of us wondering if our Motherland is moving foward, away from history, or if it’s just standing there- motionless.

However, it seems the DA authority could not be bothered by the surfacing of the painting. They have made it clear that this was something they would not let destruct them given the August 3rd elections.

“Who cares?” was Western Cape Premier Zille’s response, while Maimane ‘ spokesperson Mobine Seabe called it irrelevant.
“It’s a crude‚ disgusting painting that belongs in a dustbin and not on display. Kenny Kunene is trying to gain some kind of publicity through someone who is relevant and trying to bring change to South Africa.”

Mmusi Maimane has religiously been accused of being the DA’s puppet. He’s been called a golden token if not a garden boy. Many South Africans believe that him being a front man is a temporary luxury that will fall away if the DA were to win.

For now… We wait for August 3rd. May the most deserving political party win.

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