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#LGE2016 | Special votes goes underway


By Refiloe Phalane

Johannesburg- Today marks the first day for special votes for the local government elections 2016.

About over 700 00 people registered as special voters and 315 597 which
will include home visit whereby people will be granted to vote at their

The votes will take place between
Monday and Tuesday from 8am to
5pm, this voters will also give the Independent Electoral Commission a
chance to test drive their system ahead of August the 3rd election whereby
all south African will get a chance to vote.

In a statement, the IEC has confirmed that they had put all the necessary
measures and they are confident that the voting will go smoothly.

According to reports, an incident ocures that  involved ballot theft in ward 39.

“The stolen ballot papers were disqualified and blacklisted using their serial numbers. New ballot papers using different security features have already been printed and delivered to the correct voting stations,” IEC said in a statement.

IEC is working closely with the law enforcement agencies to make sure that the elections go smoothly IEC also urges people to go in numbers to cast their votes on Wednesday.

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