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Mugabe is Jesus!

by Bongi Nkomo

Biblical comparisons are one of the greatest signs of gratitude. Zimbabwean police recruits said that their president Robert Mugabe was like Jesus Christ and his own people that he liberated were rebelling against him and persecuting him.

According to the 45 police recruits at Morris Depot in Harare, Zimbabwe said that their leader was the real angel Gabriel sent by God himself to rescue Zimbabwe and Africa.

“Like Jesus Christ who was crucified by a people whom He saved, you have innocently grappled with all forms of persecution. Your Excellency, the writing is clear on the wall that you are the angel Gabriel sent to deliver Zimbabwe and Africa,” the police recruits recited while making a pledge before Mugabe who officiated”  said the police recruiters.

History and Zimbabwe’s current state does not live up to the words of the police recruiters as Mugabe and his government have been accused  of gross violation, human rights abuse and for being responsible for the Gugurahindi massacres which killed an estimated amount of 20 000 people in the Midlands and Mandebele land in the 1980s.

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