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Kenny Kunene reveals his masterpiece!

by Bongi Nkomo

The King of Sushi also known as the country’s blesser has been trending for something different after revealing a nude art piece of the Democratic Alliance’s leaders.

The picture which shows Hellen Zille and the Federal executive James Selfe with their legs open and their genitals exposed is very similar to the Jacob Zuma’s spear which caused a feud amongst the nation and freedom of expression.

The piece of art also shows DA leader with a poster that is titled “modern slavery”. Kenny Kunene prides himself in this art and has refused to reveal the name of the artist. When questioned for a comment Hellen Zille chose to remain calm and stated that she would be ignoring the painting.

The DA’s political spokesperson said that the DA believes that artists have the right to freedom of expression and that they need to be provocative however in this case they don’t know if the painting was a vision of the painter of the painter or that of Kenny Kunene.

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