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Teen from Birchleigh in Kempton Park

by Makoma Phaladi

As many learners were enjoying the last weekend of their June Holidays, a family in Kempton Park has had to come to terms with their son who went missing during the weekend.

Known as Dante Meyer the 15 year old teenager who attends Panorama High School is now found after after his parents had been looking from him since Saturday when he went missing. According to Kempton Express the young boy was last seen by his father in the early hours on the day that he disappeared,

Having discovered later that morning by his sister that Dante not in bed however his bed had been made up but it is reported that he had left without saying anything and where he could possibly be is still being investigated. Parents of this grade 8 learner had opened a missing persons case at the local police station .Good Samaritans have come forward after the parents urged anyone who had seen him to contact the local police station or the parents themselves. Dante’s mother has reported to have received a phone call from a security guard in Johannesburg having found the young teen at Johannesburg’s Park Station.

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