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Young, beautiful and addicted to SEX

By: Tlotlego Kgosilentswe

So…have you ever been so consumed by something that it’s a struggle to stop? Ever been so addicted to it that you’ve lost the fight in you to decline the urge? The need? Well we met someone with this problem. Her name is Mbali Biyela. Young, beautiful and addicted to SEX!

This is her story…

Born and bred in the East Rand, Biyela explains how life has not always been kind. The middle of 3 children, she grew up like any other kid, but unfortunately had more downs than ups. When she was 16, her parents divorced, tearing a family apart, leaving a mother depressed, desperate and broke. She starts describing from how having a slice of bread was a luxury to how having a school jersey one winter was one of the best things of her life.

To add insult to injury, as life would have it, she lost her mother and brother to death in a freak road accident that left her shattered and in need for an eacape.

“After my mom and brother died I was torn. Upset. I struggled to make sense of the loss even after the funeral. Somehow I knew that hard core drugs were not the answer so one day, after having what I call ‘ The best sex of my life ‘, I decided there and there that this was it. This was my escape.  Sex was my healing” she said.

It was almost like she had an epiphany. Here was this thing, that was free, always available and able to make her feel like a million dollars. This was 5 years ago…

“I stopped being in relationships. I didn’t want to be restricted. Now I sleep with any man who breathes a mere ‘hello’ to me. It’s quick , easy. It stopped being about healing my pain really but rather how the whole sexual exchange makes me feel. That pleasure is freeing. I tried to stop but… ” she shrugs.

Biyela further expressed that in a week, she’d have sex up to 8 times, with different men. Some, longer than others.
Asked if she uses protection all the time, she replied :” Oh yes, I’m not dumb I’m addicted to sex. Condoms are important no matter what the situation is.”

Ntombi is a self proclaimed sex addict. She insists she’s tried to cut down but just doesn’t care anymore because she is not hurting anyone.

Will it ever stop … ??