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Debates on Miss Mnisi matric dance saga as it unfolds


It has become a trend to ask for help on social media, as a result, some people have received the help they needed. Dimpho Mnisi, who goes by handle Miss Mnisi on Twitter is currently in her final year of high school, and asked for donations for her matric dance and many responded to the call.

Dimpho Mnisi requested any form of sponsor her matric dance, which is on August, 20 –  this went on as a trend #MatricDanceForMissMnisi. However, there have been plenty arguments, first, from where this started and if ‘Miss Mnisi’ is really going to her matric dance, or whether or not she will pass her matric after receiving the donations she asked for.

With the support, a Twitter account for donations was created, see more here

Behind the Twitter handle @Miss_Mnisi, Dimpho requested people to help her by depositing into her account or using the ewallet.

More people have shown interest in supporting Miss Mnisi on her goal, this includes the University of Johannesburg’s Student Representative Council vowing to register for her to study with UJ after her matric year, this was followed by Mango Airlines, asking Mnisi to get ‘four distinctions’ in order to get a free flight to her matric vacation.

The Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) organ requested Mnisi to allow them to sponsor her matric night with R1000 pocket money.

Television personality, Dineo Ranaka caught fire after giving a cold shoulder to Miss Mnisi’s request, this is what what she said:


Some people liked what Ranaka was saying, that education comes first, before matric dance, however, others did not. It was also speculated that Ranaka would buy a matric dress for Mnisi following her visit to Mnisi’s home.

Later on, Ranaka met up with Mnisi and her family, this is what it looked like:

Twitter commentators and ‘investigators’ have been working on finding out more about Miss Mnisi, so far, this is the latest that has been uncovered:


On Monday, Ndabezinhle PR and Communications company that represents Dineo Ranaka cut ties with her following the Miss Mnisi saga.

This is the statement they released:

Source: Twitter

Stay tuned for more on Miss Mnisi matric dance!

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