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Islamic South Africans Kicked out of Namibia

by Bongekile Nkomo 

The term Religious was recently introduced to the Oxford dictionary and it explains hate and bigotry towards other religions and belief systems. The term was recently explored in Namibia as 9 South African Muslims from Cape Town were deported back into the country for engaging in what was described as “Religious work.”

The Nine people were arrested while praying at the Keetmanshop  Mosque, According to the Namibian times the nine people were accused of breaching the conditions of their stay after immigration officers  confirmed that they entered the country on visitor’s permits.

The stereotypes against the Islamic religions include: the Islamic being associated with terrorism and violence and every one that is Islamic is originally from South Arabia due to these stereotypes every country has the legal right to feel intimated by the intentions of the Islamic. In response to the intimidation felt by Namibia the 9 Islamic South African were put on surveillance from their arrival.

The Namibian Islamic judicial council head Sheikh Desmond Dawid  Tjipanga told the newspaper that the group was arrested because they failed to  provide permits which allowed the group to undertake religious activities. In addition this Tjipanga told the newspaper that he believed the arrest of the men was a clear act of discrimination against the Islamic as their faith is anchored on daily prayers even while on holiday.



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