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NFP leader apologize to party members

By Refiloe Phalane

National Freedom Party (NFP) leader zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi has apologize to its members and NFP supporters this comes after independent electoral
commission has disqualified the party from contesting August the 3rd
local election.

News24 has reported that, Magwaza-msibi said “they is a third force that made their party to be disqualified as they know that politics are not child’s play and a dangerous job to do and that other parties don’t
like them,” Magwaza-Msibi said on a statement.

She further added that she will meet with the party members to see a way forward and to decide the future of the party after electoral court dismissed the decision to disqualify the party.

Apparently the NFP treasure Xolani Ndlovu has failed and missed the
deadline to pay registration fee to IEC by 2 June 2016.

Magwaza-msibi said “NFP members should calm down as something will be done to deal with the whole situation”

She also apologize for the development  that has took place in the party being disqualified to contest for the upcoming elections.

“I urge them to continue mobilizing for the NFP support. We will re-emerge
stronger out of this situation.

Magwaza-msibi continue saying that their party is strong and that they may be down but they certainly not out as they are stable and will demonstrate they are not weak Party even though some of the party leaders and senior they trust has let them down but forward they go.


Featured Image: NFP website

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