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Born for the rap game

By Relebogile Sethole

Rap artist Tiego Matibe Molatudi, who is widely known as ‘CzAr Odriego’ sets bars high with his rap flow. The 23-year-old student from Burgersfort in Limpopo tells Nations Voice how he was born for this rap game.

1)What inspired you to get into music?

I grew up listening to the radio a lot and my dad used to play a lot of
country music and R.Kelly in the house so did my uncle who crowded my head with Kwaito and as I started maturing I was surrounded by people who listen to RNB and hip hop (primary school classmates), me and my friends joked about performing I would also attempt to write my own raps as my mates fed me CDS from Bow Wow to P.Diddy who motivated me a lot, we were doing a lot of karaoke I didn’t know that it would grow on me and later in life I would become a performer and here we are.
2) Is there any rapper you look up to?
I look up to J.Cole and AKA, their lyrical content is legit, their tracks
have direction and meaning and their story telling techniques are on
steroids and I find that very amusing and interesting basically meaningful
music is what I am into.
3) Why hip hop? Has it always been a genre you put your focus on?
Well I was influenced more by television basically Channel O, so I started dressing Hippy as a teenager, talking the slang and the culture grew on me and somehow along the way I fell in love with the music most importantly because it gave me the platform to express myself as I am not someone who talks a lot or someone who shares views and feelings a lot so mostly I do it through my art.
4) Any mixtapes?
None released as yet but I am currently working on one which is to be released very soon hopefully this year if things go as planned, the tape is
called “FirstCut EP”
5)Please tell us about the ‘Swenk’ track that you have created as a hashtag which is recognisable on twitter? What does it mean?
Swenk is one of my recent big singles that was created spontaneously I
honestly never thought it would have the impact it does. To swenk is to
flex, show off and brag or be all up in someone’s face, the concept was
initially “Swenkela kgole” which means play for from me or brag over there not here in my space we got creative with it and people actually got the grip of it and actually like the idea of not having
people flex on them.

Tiego and his producer
Tiego and his producer

6) Coming from Limpopo, do you think there is so much talent that should be recognised?
There is a lot hey, my home town is the hub of art, it has produced the likes of Brazo Wa Afrika, Chymamusique, and Da Vynalist and the Hip Hop here is actually bigger than house music the only problem is there is no channels for it to be realised outside the town.
7)What is that one song that gained you popularity?
The song that gave me popularity and respect as a solo artist was the first single to the tape called Careless that dropped late 2015.
8) Do you write your owns raps?

Yes everything is me. I’m a writer/poet.
9) What makes you unique from the other artists?
I do not limit myself to a specific genre, I am not just a rapper I am also a producer and currently learning entrepreneurship, I am passionate about the music I do it for me and for the people that listen to my work so it’s genuine and not an act or front for money or fame, for me it’s a dream I live for the music i dream of the stage and the studio and wouldn’t mind working in this path till death do me and the music apart.
10) Ever performed at big events?

Well, I have never had the national platform but I have shared the stage with big acts from the likes of CashTime members Ma-E, international artists like Kuniyuki Takahashi (Japanese DJ and music producer).
You can follow Tiego on twitter @CzArBGF

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