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MMM clients petition to boycott Capitec following frozen bankers accounts


News reports following that Capitec bank has frozen about 2000 accounts of the alleged ponzi scheme MMM has resulted into a petition to boycott the bank, Capitec.

Dedicated MMM investors has opened up an online petition for #CapitecMustFall after the bank decided to freeze their accounts. Read more about Capitec shutting down MMM linked accounts here.

mmm capitec petition
Picture: Capitec Bank
Source: Official Capitec Bank Facebook page

The MMM Capitec petition reads:

Capitec Bank Must Fall!!!

OUR money OUR choice to participate with it on MMM.

We will close our accounts with Capitec Bank Limited as MMM participants.

We have seen a large increase in the number of our participants beings harassed, interrogated and threatened with THEIR monies by Capitec Bank Consultants who lack customer skills.

Enough is enough, WE are customers, Capitec is not our client yet they treat us like we are desperate for their accounts.

We are taking our monies to other banks who do not harass us about our transactions, who give us excellent service and most importantly banks that respect us as customers and only enquire about our transactions out of concern for the safety of our monies and not for their own selfish reasons like Capitec Bank.


Capitec started freezing accounts linked to MMM scheme from 2015, the petition by MMM clients start at the beginning of this year, and has gained more popularity, now with more than 400 signatures with a goal of 1000 signatures, the petition has also gained over 300 comments.

The petition is still active on the site

You can see the petition here.

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