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Bonang Matheba vs. her gay community fans

By Tlotlego Kgosilentswe

Bonang Matheba popularly known to her fans as ‘Queen B’ keeps raising the bar as she continues to build her career beyond borders. The television and radio personality has recently been announced as the host of the 2nd Annual Uganda Entertainment Awards.

The gay community had a lot to say, some questioning why Matheba accepted a deal in a country with anti-homosexual laws considering the has inseparable support from the gay community.

The President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni initiated and signed an anti-gay bill. A study in 2007 showed that there were about 500,000 gay people in Uganda. ‘Offenders’ receive the death penalty or jail time if caught participating in homosexual acts.

While the announcement as the host for the AUEA for Bonang, her shine was quickly disturbed, causing a division in the gay community.

When the prestigious awards ceremony first launched, it was said to be “the first authentic entertainment awards ceremony, the first of it’s kind.” Now, second year running, it will take place at Kampala Serena Hotel, on the 19th of August 2016. The Afternoon Express star is assigned the duties to work her magic on the red carpet.

Gay activists took to twitter to express their disapproval. We had those who were fuming, such as DJ Olwee who said: ” So Bonang who has a huge following of gays who are first to fight for her is hosting Ugandan Awards instead refusing in protest of their laws.” He called Bonang one of the most powerful women in entertainment in Africa.

Then there were those who stood by her corner, saying that ‘B’ is not a humanitarian and that ‘a job is a job’. One Twitter user said: “B* reigns supreme & we want her to continue breaking boundaries. However we probably won’t ALL always agree with everything she does”.

Back to Bonang, it may also be noted that she won the Fag Hag award at the 2012 Feather Awards. She allegedly reported in a blog post: “I am a big fan of the gay community and I’m super happy to win this award. It’s very funny but it’s also very cool to be recognised within the gay, lesbian community.”

Bonang was recently in Lagos, Nigeria for a photo shoot. Matheba has not responded to the backlash.

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