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Brenda Fassie gone, but never forgotten

Brenda Fassie, gone, but never forgotten

By Tlotlego Kgosilentswe

South Africa came to a standstill back in 2004 following the announcement of the death of the great Brenda Fassie. The Queen of African pop died from a cocaine overdose at age 39. The 9th of May 2016, marked the 12th year anniversary of the tragedy. Fans all over took to social media to honour the fallen legend.

Born in 1964, Fassie lived a very controversial life. She was the topic of most conversations, leading a life that was suprising to many. A Cape Town native, Fassie first came to Johannesburg in the 1980s to realise her dream. 11 years later, she was divorced, with a son and addicted to drugs.
Even so, she managed to win the hearts of many South Africans.  An extrovert and over the top human being- she released hits we were never ready for, being responsible for the albums : Now is the time, Mina Nawe, Memeza and Amadlozi.

But along with the fame, came scandals. Brenda had a long battle with drugs through out her life. She struggled to break free from the chains of addiction, reportedly going back and forth rehab centres, about 30 times in her life.

She was a multi-platinum artist, a woman who faught for her own destiny. She was bold,strong and determined. Brenda Fassie was at her peak, then- the 9th of May saw the final chapter of the singer’s life.

She died in hospital when the life support machine was turned off after her failure to come back to consciousness.
The Black President star was allegedly visited by Thabo Mbeki, Winnie Mandela, and the Father of the Nation, Nelson Mandela, while on her death bed. What a nobel act.

12 years later and no one has forgotten. Fans showed appreciation and love on social media to honour and remember her for the amazing artist she was.

There is also a Bronze sculpture of Brenda Fassie outside Bassline (Newtown) , that was placed in honour of the star back in March 2006.

Brenda Fassie, gone, but never forgotten bronze sculpture

“I don’t believe in dreams, I don’t dream, I’m not a day dreamer, I’m not a night dreamer. I don’t dream of things, I think of things, I plan these things”, she once said.

Ma Brrr (as known to fans) , certainly came, she lived and she conquered.

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