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Workers at COSATU will remain ‘unorganised’ – NUMSA

Workers at COSATU will remain 'unorganised' - NUMSA

By Tebogo Mhlanga

At-least 25 unions gathered together to celebrate the May Day Rally held in Tembisa on Sunday. The event was attended by the thousands of workers who are in support of  the new independent federation.

The general secretary of National Union of Metalworks of South Africa (NUMSA) Irvin Jim said that workers belonging to COSATU will remain unorganised. Since “they are special because they are being robbed in a day light and are exploited to sleep in factories and some of the hours are taken by the employers. Capitalism is not a solution,” said Jim.

“COSATU is busy confusing workers next door” said Jim referring to the May Day rally held by COSATU in Mamelodi, Pretoria

“Those workers must leave Cosatu union, we got all the menu here so why must they have a president who has no clue of what is the state of South African economy” he said

However the event was addressed by the NACTU president and Zwelizima Vavi declaring what the Saturday summit agreed on.

The National Council of Trade Union thanked COSATU for expelling Vavi and NUMSA. The New independent federation wouldn’t have existed if NUMSA and Vavi were not expelled.

NACTU president said some of the workers are still celebrating poverty in Pretoria (COSATU rally). Meanwhile Vavi said workers should unite with workers. They belong to the fighting new federation. He continued saying that they will target 76 percent of workers who are not represented by unions. New recruitment campaign will be launched with recruitment forms.

Vavi urged president Zuma to listen that they want restructuring of the economy, no more job loses, no inflation targets. The president must bring back capital control and no privatisation and commodification of the basic needs.

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