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Post Office union to go on a strike

post office union on strike

By Bekithemba Ndebele

The Post Office union is said to embark on a strike in a demand for salary increase, their strike will begin next week.

Speaking to the Eye Witness News, the union said they will down tools on Thursday and Friday, before they embark on an indefinite strike over salary increases.

However, Post office CEO Mark Barnes is concerned about the emergence of another strike as a devastation to its services.

“I hope we can find a way to talk to each other as partners and that we don’t have to go down this route. I find this to be a blunt tool of discussion. We should have common interests as management and union leadership.”

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) decision to go for a strike comes after the union’s executive committee (NEC) meeting held during the week. The decision is taken from the claims that the workers have not received salary increase for the last two years.

“We must go to the streets so that we can start pushing government to give the Post Office enough funding so that workers can at least be at peace,” said CWU spokesman Clyde Mervin.

Mervin further added that, “We understand, but for two years things have gone on without an increase for workers. Workers also need a better life. People in Parliament have been getting increases every year, but workers are not getting increases.’

Early this month, Parliament heard that the Post Office would not function without cash injection, which in the 2014 – 2015 annual report it had lost more than R1 billion. This came with multiple of strikes that took place those years.

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