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FULL STATEMENT from NUMSA: Zuma must fall but so must the rest of his ANC government

Gwede Mantashe, President Jacob Zuma and Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa dancing during the ANC election manifesto launch in Port Elizabeth on 16 April 2016. Image: Simphiwe Nkwali / Sunday Times.

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) released a statement following the 783 charges that have been brought back against President Jacob Zuma, above all NUMSA believes that Zuma must step down along with the ANC government

Read full statement from NUMSA here:

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa notes the ruling of the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria that the decision taken by former National Prosecuting Authority head Mokotedi Mpshe to drop corruption charges against President Jacob Zuma in 2009 was irrational.

Judge Aubrey Ledwaba found three contradictions in Mr Mpshe’s affidavits explaining his decision to withdraw the charges against President Zuma. He should have followed the legal processes on emergence of the “spy tapes”, allowed the courts to decide if the charges should have been withdrawn and acted “alone and impulsively”. Therefore his decision was “irrational”.

Numsa hopes that among other things, Zuma’s trial will facilitate the exposure of the full truth behind the arms deal, unlike the Seriti Commission report which was a mere window dressing exercise.

This decision further vindicates the call by Numsa’s Special National Congress in December 2013 to call on President Jacob Zuma to resign with immediate effect because of his administration’s pursuit of neo-liberal policies such as the NDP, e-tolls, labour brokers, youth wage subsidy and the track record of his administration which is steeped in corruption, patronage and nepotism.”

This remains our position, but we still have to add that his resignation over corruption will not in itself resolve all the other problems mentioned in that resolution. As our Deputy General Secretary Comrade Karl Cloete, has said: “Demanding Zuma must fall without adding that neoliberal monopoly capitalism must fall and that the Freedom Charter and Socialism Must Rise is just class suicide, with nothing that the working class can gain at the moment.”

This court ruling will strengthen the determination of all the delegates at this weekend’s historic Workers Summit to build a new independent, worker-controlled trade union federation, and Numsa’s determination to build a new revolutionary workers’ socialist party.

On 1 May, as workers celebrate May Day in Tembisa, they will not fail to note that the Cosatu Workers Day rally will be addressed by the very same Jacob Zuma, whose government is responsible for the very policies which we condemned in 2013 and which are now causing even greater hardship for the working class and the poor. We face thousands of job losses, casualisation of labour and soaring price increases of basic necessities.

For Cosatu to invite the leader of the government whose neoliberal policies have led to this crisis to address a May Day rally is further evidence of the total degeneration of the leadership of this once proud workers’ movement.

Yes, Zuma must fall but so must the rest of his ANC government and the white monopoly capitalist system whose neoliberal policies this government has slavishly implemented. And Socialism must rise!