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What are people saying about Rhodes University’s ‘Naked Protest’


Students from Rhodes University embarked on naked protest, following their dissatisfaction the management’s lack of action against the sexual violence and rape incidents that are occurring in the campus.

Students from Rhodes University stripped half-naked on Tuesday and threatened the management to shut down the classes if their demands are not met.

According to The Citizen, Rhodes students released a list on social media this past Sunday, naming alleged rapists on campus.

The list, labelled “The Reference list” was formulated by students who demand the changes to the university’s sexual assault policy- #Chapter212.

One of the main demands from the students is for the university to provide mandatory training to staff and campus security to deal with victims of sexual assault.

Social media has been filled with some of the images from the naked protest, behind the hashtag #NakedProtest. Some of the social media users are commending the students for this sort of protest, while some criticize the way they went with it.

Radio personality, Poppy Ntshongwana said: “Where’s the Women’s League when they’re needed the most?…”

Former member of Parliament, Lindiwe Mazibuko said: “I am so inspired by this generation of SA students. Courageous young women at Rhodes taking back their bodies & their voices.”

South African artist, PJ Power said: “I rebuke every who lives with an entitlement to a women’s body. We are not your property.”

Here is what some of the people are saying about the naked protest: (Note: Content features nudity)



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