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Leader of the Khoisan party sues Jacob Zuma


By Bongekile Nkomo

Stanley Peterson, leader of the Khoisan revolution, a political party for the Khoisan community in the Northern Cape laid charges of fraud, corruption and defeating the ends of justice.

“We can’t stand by and watch while public funds meant for the country’s development are being squandered”, said Stanley Peterson. The Khoisan have land claims that have not been attended to for years, the President had spoken to the the Khoisan leader ensuring that his claims would be handled however it was the president’s word against the Khoisan revolution leader’s word.

The Khoisan are not being recognised as capable in South Africa, the language spoken by the Khoisan is still not listed as an official language and their needs are still not acknowledged. A case against the president was opened at the Rosedale Police station and the case is being investigated further.

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