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LIVE: SA parliament debate motion to impeach Zuma

Parliament discuss motion to impeach Zuma

The Nation Assembly will be debating the motion to impeach President Jacob Zuma

The decision for Zuma to step down follows strings on inconsistency, from the Finance Ministers recalling, up to the judgment by the Constitutional Court. The ConCourt found that the decision made by the National Assembly to exonerate President Jacob Zuma from the Nkandla liability – probed by the Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela are “inconsistent with the Constitution and unlawful.”

Constitution Court on Zuma Nkandla saga


Leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) party, Mmusi Maimane has also called on National Assembly Speaker, Baleka Mbethe to resign. On Monday, Mbethe announced during a media briefing that she is not resigning.
The live broadcast of the ‘Parliament discuss the motion to impeach Zuma’ will be on Tuesday, at 14:00 and live tweets from our social media account, @NationsVoiceSA

14:00 EFF deputy leader, ask for the Speaker, Baleka Mbethe to recuse herself.

– DA supports the motion that for a fair and impartial proceeding, Mbethe should let someone else lead the proceedings.

14:36: Speaker of the NA, Mbethe asks members of parliament to suspend the parliamentary proceedings, for her consultation.

15:06: Parliamentary proceeding have been suspended for over 30 minutes

16:08: DA leader, Mmusi Maime is called to carry on with

Maimane states that the Constitution –¬† “we know that the ANC will vote in favour with Jacob Zuma. Our duty is to uphold the Constitution.”

Chief Mogoeng’s judgment should have secured Zuma’s fate. – Maimane “When the highest law of land is violated, it should have been the end of Zuma.”

Maimane says that today is the big day in history, when ANC defended a crooked. Corruption has infected the entire party like Cancer.” Maimane claims that minister Batlile told the news reports that everyone in the ANC has their skeletons in the closet, they do not want exposed.

Maimane cites former President Mbeki, saying he defined ANC as “ignoble, bloodsucking, parasite” Maimane says that today ANC will win, “that ‘victory’ is a lose.”


16:20 ANC’s JH Jeffery says that the Court has not found Zuma guilty of any serious violation against the Constitution.

Jeffery quotes the judgment from the ConCourt. The President acted in good faith. He says that the President did what he did because he didn’t know that the remedial actions are binding to him.

Jeffery says that they will do as ordered by the ConCourt, because they respect, will upload and honour the law of the land.

16:29 EFF’s leader Malema is called to speak

Malema explains what the it means to uphold the Constitution. He says that “no single individual has been accountable, not the President, the Speaker doesn’t want to recuse herself.”

Malema refuses to take a seat, for MP to rise on ‘point of order’ – “Tell that one not to tell me to sit down”, says Malema.

Point of order is raised that Malema should not refer to the President by his name.

Malema suggests that ANC should at least listen to Kathrada, Goldberg, MK. Malema calls upon some of the members of parliament, who under the majority to join in the minority, to vote with them for Zuma to step down, he says “stop thinking with your stomachs, think with your brain.”

Malema says that Zuma and ANC wants to convert SA into a banana republic.

Malema’s time has expired.

Tsenoli says that they will go back to all the members who are going against the rules of the house.

16:40 MP’s rise with point of orders.

16:42: Hon. Singh admits that the ruling party has used the majority number to win all the issues they have had.

Singh says that today is not about ANC, it’s about doing the right thing, if the National Assembly doesn’t do the right thing, then history will judge us harshly

Hon Singh’s time is up.

16:46 NFP’s M. Khubisa says that the NFP has always called for Zuma to step down for the Nkandla saga, even today.

16:50 UDM’s Holomisa says that the president should be criminally charged.

FFP’s A. Mulder recalls that statement by Zuma, taken against Mbekhi

Mulder says that Mbeki’s statements were 10-times less serious than Zuma’s.

16:45 Lekota We are guided by the party that believes it above the law

ACDP Meshoe applauds Judge Mogoeng for the judgment he handed out last week. Meshoe says that Zuma is guilty for misleading the parliament

Meshoe recalls the quotes by Zuma, saying that he is guilty of misleading the country.

EFF spokesperson points out to a minister who is sleeping, “we pay you here, don’t sleep”

ANC’s Mabe quotes the Bible, saying “the movement will rise again.”

Malema rises on a point of order, referring to religious acts, saying Mabe should not discuss them in Parliament.

Motion for Zuma to be impeached, in favour of the motion – 143 and against the motion – 233.

Motion to impeach Zuma failed, once again.

Opposition parties led by EFF leave the house, in disagreement the ruling party.

The next motion is dealt with.

For more, watch  a live stream below


Live video courtesy of eNCA

Featured image from FRANCE 24 Twitter

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