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46% decline in Easter holidays’ fatalities


By Bekithemba Ndebele

South African Transport Minister Dipuo Peters released the preliminary report on Tuesday in Pretoria, indicating a drop in deaths over Easter holiday by almost a half.

156 people have been reported died since Good Friday in separate road accidents countrywide. The statistics shows that they had been a decline in death this year, as compared to last year period which recorded 287 death countrywide.

“The report indicates that there were 156 fatalities on the roads this year, compared to 287 fatalities for the same period last year. This presents a much welcome 46 percent decline,” said Peters.

According to the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), the major cause of fatal crashes this year were fatigue, drunk and reckless driving, as well as pedestrians knock-downs.

However, the North-West province recorded the highest decrease of 71 percent, with the number of deaths dropping from last year’s record of 28 to eight this year. Hence, other provinces recorded a decrease in the number of fatalities, with the exception of the Northern Cape which recorded the same number of deaths as last year period.

“The instruction to the law enforcement officers was simple, loud and clear ‘zero-tolerance and no mercy for traffic violations on the road”, she said.

However, two traffic police officers were arrested in Gauteng and Limpopo on allegations of attempting to get bribes.

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    1. Looks like some law enforcement officers are really doing their job,they should keep up the good work……..and those that are taking bribes should also face the full wrath of law like reckless drivers,then we wont have anymore problems with fatalities…….

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